About Us

Matchday Fantasy is the brainchild of a group of veteran fantasy football players who just want to bring fantasy football to the modern, mobile, connected world. We offer a social gaming platform designed to be simple and fun from the start with a fantastic social network, bespoke tailored content and unrivalled banter.  Matchday is a real innovation in the world of Fantasy Football.


Matchday Fantasy is a unique new platform that lets you be the manager of fantasy teams selected from real players in the English Premier League, Football League Championship. As the real matches play out, so your team’s scores are based on the performances of the real players. The higher your score, the more chance that you will win.


Unlike other fantasy football games, Matchday Fantasy not only lets you manage teams, but you can also create your own leagues and contests. So instead of just competing against everyone else in the world, you can create private contests, invite just your friends and colleagues, and even have league tables to show how you are doing. Forget the old school sweepstakes – let Matchday Fantasy do it for you!

Not only that, but the contests are unique in format, so you can get involved at any time, and if you missed the start of the competition, simply create a new one! You can have as many leagues as you like – so create a league for your family, one for work colleagues or classmates, one for your local club, drinking buddies, whatever you want.

During the matches, you can look at the contest at any time to see how your team is doing against your opponents. You can also chat privately with the other members of your league, and get news, scores and injury updates as they happen in real time.

At the end of the contest, the league table shows exactly how your team performed against the others in the league – and you decide the prize to be awarded or the forfeit to be paid!

Best of all, it’s all completely FREE

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