Moses or Zappacosta: Good Problems For Conte

The new kid on the block, Davide Zappacosta, made his first appearance for Chelsea on Saturday and he followed it up with a terrific display on his full debut in the Champions League last night. The question is who will be starting at RWB for Chelsea? A position where plenty of fantasy points are available.


  • As a fast, attacking threat, Zappacosta looks like he could cause problems for the Premier League’s left-sided defenders. Also looks to be very good at crossing and delivering the ball from a wide area.
  • At £8.0m Zappacosta isn’t as expensive as some of Chelsea’s other defenders (Cahill, Azpilicueta, Marcos Alonso), so he could offer you coverage at a more reasonable price.
  • In typical Italian fashion, he looks very astute defensively. Not only will this give Chelsea a stronger back line, but it will endear him to Conte.
  • Although £23m doesn’t seem a lot in today’s market, it is an enormous amount to spend on a substitute right back. The fee suggests Conte’s intent is to make him a regular in the starting XI
  • However, Zappacosta is new to the Premier League. It will be a different pace to what he is used to. Take Lindeloff as an example, he’s going to need time to get up to speed, so Zappacosta may need a similar grace period.


  • Victor Moses was a strong point scorer last year as part of an uncompromising defence and with the ability to get forward, create, and score, but with only 6 points to his name this season, he hasn’t justified his selection up to now.
  • The Chelsea RWB was originally known as an attacking option on either side of the field, but Conte has transformed him. He may not be the best defender in the league, but he certainly offers Chelsea an additional avenue of attack.
  • With Azpilicueta behind Moses, it isn’t as necessary for him to be concerned with what’s going on behind him. Often teams sit back against Chelsea, so for most of the game, his defensive duties aren’t his priority concern. This is where he flourishes.
  • He has been playing in a back five that has had significant success over the past year. For Conte to disrupt this, he would surely have to find a replacement that offers significant benefits. Will Zappacosta do this?
  • Moses is the more expensive player at £8.9m, and he is listed as a midfielder. You could potentially save a midfield spot for a more attacking threat.

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